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Giants Token

Giants Gold

The fuel of the entire Giants ecosystem

Tokenomics v1.3 - last update 30 Dec 2022

Giants Gold
total supply

The supply is capped at 500.000.000 $GIANT with the rewards being distributed over a period of 4 years. $GIANT is a deflationary token with a limited supply & several burning mechanisms that will ensure it will increase profitability over time.

55% - 275.000.000
15% - 75.000.000
marketing & partnerships
10% - 50.000.000
5% - 25.000.000
10% - 50.000.000
5% - 25.000.000
Token Distribution

* We plan to list on Maiar Exchange after the public sale of the token is completed. These funds will be used to provide liquidity.

* We'll have multiple selling rounds. The details are still being decided and will be announced in 2023, after the first version of the Giants Village Game will be released.

Rewards Distribution

Rewards Distribution

In the first year, ~70% of the Reward tokens will be allocated to staking as the other products are in development. The rest will be used in Minting, Airdrops, Giveaways and slowly integrating the token into our apps. After the first year, a more detailed distribution plan for the rewards will be put in place, together with the community.

With the rewards decreasing over the years and the burning mechanisms, it will incentivize $GIANT owners to hold and increase the value of the token.

Starting with year 5, rewards will be provided from a special rewards fund, accumulated in the first 4 years.

How to earn $GIANT?

  • MintingGet 1900 $GIANT for every Giant NFT minted with eGLD
  • StakingStake your Giant NFTs and earn $GIANT tokens
  • web3print.coBuy items and get $GIANT based on every item purchased
  • MerchandiseBuy merchandise from our own shop and get $GIANT in return
  • AirdropWe'll airdrop $GIANT tokens from time to time to Giant Holders & other special roles
  • GiveawayWe'll host Giveaways or contests where we'll offer $GIANT as prize
  • MyERDIt will become the contribute to earn platform on MultiversX, where you'll be able to earn $GIANT by contributing (Roadmap coming soon)
  • You'll be able to earn $GIANT from the future projects we'll build

$GIANT utility

  • GovernanceAllow $GIANT holders to participate in the governance of the Giants Village and Treasury.
  • web3print.coExchange $GIANT for vouchers on
  • MerchandiseExchange $GIANT for vouchers on our own merchandise shop
  • MyERDSupport your favorite creators, find & pay MultiversX influencers, and much more. MyERD will become your one-stop-platform for all your MultiversX NFT needs (Roadmap coming soon)
  • MintingYou will be able to mint a Giant NFT, using $GIANT token. The price will be revealed soon.
  • StakingStake your $GIANT tokens and earn LKMEX or other partner tokens
  • Support social & environmental causes from our partners
  • $GIANT is the currency in our Giants Village so it will be fully integrated in all the projects we'll launch in the future. More details coming soon 🔥

* When we get $GIANT back through our products, 30% will go into the Reserve, 20% into the Treasury (governed by the $GIANT holders, once enough $GIANT is in circulation), 50% will go into a Rewards fund that will be used once the initial Rewards supply (275.000.000 $GIANT) runs out.